Forged in Mist

A King Arthur Pendragon RPG Campaign

The Mist Awaits!

This is a campaign with a twist, or rather a Mist, an online role-playing game campaign utilizing King Arthur Pendragon 5th Edition ruleset. It brings the extraordinary world of Arthurian chivalry, magic, and romance to life, with you playing one of the knights of the Misty realm. You start off small, but through action, intelligence, and luck, you have a chance to join the Round Table. As time passes, your knight may establish a famous family and participate in the wondrous events of the most famous king of fiction.

"Listen and hear the life of a great lord who, while he lived, had no equal in cottage or castle. This event took place in the time of Arthur, that King, courtly and royal, and is about one of his great adventures. Wherever he went, of all kings, Arthur bears the flower; of all knights, he bears the honor. The whole country was chivalrous in those days. All knights were valiant, and cowards were forever disgraced."

from The Wedding of Sir Gawaine and Dame Ragnell

This is a game of medieval fantasy, played using feudal standards and offering a chance to experience vicariously that long lost world, in both its brutal reality and its fantastic idealism. Every player character is a knight, thus having both the privileges of elite society and also the risky, often deadly responsibilities. These dichotomies — brutal reality versus idealism, elite privilege versus deadly burden — are the basis for the game.

King Arthur Pendragon is a game of knights, but here they are Forged in Mist!

The Players

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Campaign Maps

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Heroes of Legend

For 1500 years King Arthur's story has been told around campfires, in noble courts, in taverns, books, movies and now, here at our game table! King Arthur Pendragon offers a chance to be a part, vicariously, of the greatest epic of Western literature in a way that can thrill, challenge, affront, and entertain. Its unique features bring the important aspects of medieval feudalism and Arthurian chivalry to imagined reality in a series of enjoyable sessions that you will never forget.

The Great Pendragon Campaign begins during the reign of Arthur's father King Uther, when player knights can participate in the events of Arthur's upbringing. The long and brutal Interregnum of Saxon wars is forever altered when Arthur draws the Sword from the Stone to start his great and glorious reign. The Boy King leads his knights through periods of consolidation and expansion until the entire Western world is brought under his sway.

High Adventure

Knights gain Glory and lands in the periods of Romance and Tournaments, and at last engage in the greatest adventure of all, The Quest for the Holy Grail. Then, amidst tragedy and broken dreams, the Twilight Period draws the epic to a close. Over 80 years of campaign detailed year-by-year provide the background, on-going events and adventures that define structure of King Arthur's glorious reign.

However, the campaign doesn't end there, for this land continues and the mist demands a king to reign!

Character Creation

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Many versions of King Arthur exist. Stories have been told and retold about him for 1400 years, changing a little or a lot to suit the audience. The King Arthur Pendragon game uses parts from all literary versions. However, in this campaign some parts are emphasized more, while other adventures are completely original. Forget what you think you know about King Arthur and his round table of knights, for this campaign shall be a new and exciting tale!